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Read what my clients have to say...
At the Gym

Ash is an amazing trainer, I couldn't recommend her more. She's not about fads or quick fixes but rather about finding the right thing for you, your body and your goals.

Yavani Govender · Sydney, Australia

Fall Salad

Ashley is an amazing trainer and health coach! She goes out of her way to help you achieve your goals. Very professional and lovely too!

Genevieve Bae · Sydney, Australia

Ashley has tremendous expertise and is very inspiring. She is genuinely interested in the customer succeeding with set goals and does her utmost to get to know the customer and thus be able to adapt the training in the best way. I’m so grateful that I found her and truly recommend her in health coaching.

Åsa Bissette · Göteborg, Sweden

Farmers Market

I’ve had a few personal trainers in my days, and Ashley is by far the best. She’s the smile I go to to get smashed every session and the one I turn to for advice about nutrition and proper rest. She has the facts and the gusto, and she genuinely cares. I whole heartily recommend Ashley to everyone, whenever I get the chance and I think You should contact her today. 

Kim Salmelainen · Göteborg, Sweden

Gym equipment

Ashley’s sessions are always a pleasure - she’ll push me and challenge me but always knows my limits. We have a lot of laughs in between all the crazy and fun exercises she’ll get from other coaches and her own training and it’s never boring - every session is planned out, so there’s no relaxing and getting lazy 10/10 recommend, you won’t regret it.

Bec Smith · Sydney, Australia

Dumbbells and resistance band

Ashley is an inspiration - I started and couldn’t do many exercises due to strength and core issues. Fast forward 4 years of training with Ashley and life is so different I can do many more exercises and do not suffer from injuries or pain. I love Ashley’s can do attitude, attention to detail and form during your class you’ll feel inspired, amazing whilst getting fitter. Ashley’s move to Europe was their gain and my loss being here in Sydney! I would recommend you all book a session and become inspired and get ready to be transformed for yourself with fun and improved fitness and agility. Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do with your mentoring Ashley!

Michelle Crone · Sydney, Australia

After trying and failing so many diets, I never thought I’d find someone to help me reach my goals the way Ashley does. I’ve been training with her for a while now and she’s helped me with so much.  She has helped me understand my body, enjoy working out, to stay motivated.  Most importantly, she has helped me adjust my daily habits to change my life for the better. I never had a PT before, but I was lucky enough to find the best at my first try. I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone.

Viki Schida · Göteborg, Sweden

Barbell rack

Ash was my personal trainer for around 3 years. I first met her at a small personal training studio after experiencing two very lack lustre male trainers. From our very first session together her expertise, professionalism and genuine interest and care was obvious. Ash eventually left that studio and continued to train me twice weekly in my own home. The improvements in my strength, posture and movement have been so beneficial to me and I certainly flourished under her care, kindness and patience. I highly recommended Ash, she is the very best person trainer that I have had the pleasure of training with.

Deborah Frew · Sydney, Australia

Woman lifting a barbell
Woman lifting a dumbbell

When I contacted Ashley I had quite a lot of post-pregnancy issues which meant that conventional training was often not possible. Ashley is a brilliant trainer who takes an intelligent, long term and holistic approach to get you the results you are seeking. After training with Ashley not only did I see great results in my body but also in my energy, my outlook and also my diet. She is marvellous. And we always have a great laugh while training too!

Terri Bartosik · Göteborg, Sweden

Before I came to Ashley my back was killing me: kite surfing, cycling and other fun that I love doing was not even to think about. Ashley did a thorough assessment of my movement (restrictions) and came with a training plan that I was able to follow. When I didn’t she sent me annoying emails. :). The results after 1,5 months: So happy! No back pain whatsoever. Out on the water kite surfing again: hugely improved jumps due to very increased core control and hip mobility. I can also put on my socks while standing, which may be the best thing :) Future: We are now working on foundations for controlled and healthy handstands. It is tough work but I know I will get them in a month or two! 

Martin Köhlerstrand · Göteborg, Sweden 

Ashley is a talented and dedicated trainer who understands one's goals and challenges! I'm happy to recommend her to friends and strangers!

Johanna Tornqvist · Göteborg, Sweden

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