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What the **** should I eat?!

More often than not in our modernised world, human beings find themselves battling to understand and balance what they think they ‘should eat,’ how what they eat makes them feel both physically and emotionally, as well as how their external environment effects food choices. The fact is, everyone differs in their biological make-up, cultural practices, values, beliefs, lifestyle, socioeconomic status and activity levels. There is no such thing as a one-size fits all approach to eating, so you will never see me handing you a pre-prepared meal plan telling you to eat or not eat certain foods!!  Labelling foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is not what I’m here to do.

What I will ask you to do however, is firstly think about what you want to achieve, how you want to measure your own progress and why it’s important to you. You are in charge of your own lifestyle and destiny, not me!   It’s my job to coach you in a way that suits your individual needs and goals. That means helping you establish what you’re ready, willing and able to change, setting realistic expectations, and implementing one small habit at a time, to develop skills that last a lifetime. I will also help you develop specific, concrete and doable goals, so you will always feel and be successful.  
Here’s a truth bomb, you can’t rely on motivation! The reality is, action drives motivation.  Implementing the right structure, systems and scheduling is the real secret to consistency. I will help you develop the right strategies to prioritise, plan and prepare for each new habit that will lead to consistent changes over time. Most importantly, I will keep you accountable, be your biggest cheerleader and we’ll even fun along the way!


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