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Ash doing a handstand


What is mobility training? (Hint, it’s not yoga).


Simply put, our joints have both passive and active ranges of motion.  Our ability to passively hold or be moved into a position is our flexibility.  Mobility on the other hand, is strength and stability throughout our joints’ entire range of motion.  For example, if someone lifts your leg straight in the air and holds it there for you, that is considered passive flexibility. Active mobility on the other hand, involves using the strength and stability of your hip joint to hold your leg in the air without the other person’s assistance. 


What is the point of mobility training?

Mobility training using Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®), is a system based on scientific principles and research which will enable you to: “Make shit move nice.” – Dr. Andreo A. Spina

The benefits of FRC® include:

  • Both Mobility and Flexibility

  • Joint Strength

  • Articular Health and Longevity

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Rehabilitation and Prevention


In other words, training your joints regularly will keep you feeling younger for longer, allow you to move more freely and with control, enable you to effectively and safely increase overall strength, and can help you recover from and prevent injuries.


How does it work?


Much like personal training, we’ll go through an initial consultation to determine your needs and goals with regards to mobility training.  We’ll assess the mobility of your joints, and I will provide you with a daily routine you can implement straight away.  From there, I can teach you a multitude of ways to gain greater strength and control over your joints, and together we’ll establish strategies for incorporating mobility training into your daily routines and activities.  Just like anything new, it takes consistency and patience to learn and progress, but the benefits of maintaining mobile joints will last a lifetime.

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